Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good laugh

Typical day. Went for a run then worked in the studio, I've been having a little fun working on a painting for my aunt. It's obviously in progress still, but it has been fun to paint like I used to.
My friend Alan made me laugh so hard I teared up, its always nice to laugh like th
at. People seem to enjoy my fish skeleton which I worked so hard on all summer. I was going to put him back together, but I do like all of the pieces spread apart. I am wishing that I had made more of them over the summer, although the process is pretty disgusting. We'll see what will become of him, but I do think he makes a nice addition to the work in the studio as a whole.

Lastly, I found this
leaf the other day walking home, which made me grin and snatch it up.

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Chris said...

I keep finding more dead fish at the beach if you need them ...(I didn't add my comment correctly before!)