Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I haven't blogged in the last few days because I have been nursing myself back to health after a horrible bee/beetle monster attack. I was running. Through a forest. I felt this sharp pain in my arm and instinctively swatted away a black oregonian bee-tle vicious biting thing. I have created this dramatization picture to help you understand what we are talking about here. I continued my run with a horrible pain in my elbow, it felt like something ripped out a huge chunk of flesh or something. I frowned for most of the run, then I turned around to run home, and at the same exact spot, I heard a buzzing sound, I slowed to try to see what the hell had bit/stung me, but found that the beething was flying right towards my neck, I didn't get a good look because I ran away as fast as possible. I have provided a close up if anyone has any clue as to what it may have been. I have had a bumpy red itchy welt on my elbow for a few days now.

On a different note. Classes start in less than a week.

On another different note, I finished my aunt's painting. I think I will just mail it and vaguely surprise her, it has to dry and all that though.

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